The Results You Want, In Fewer Sessions

Hair removal can be painful, messy and lengthy. But laser hair removal with BLEND X technology is different. Gel is not required and SPLENDOR X combines both wavelengths for a treatment specifically designed for your skin type and hair. Blending these wavelengths together in the correct amounts for your skin type provides a perfectly customized treatment that is fast and effective. Thanks to this advanced technology, you will need fewer sessions than with a conventional single laser wavelength device.

SPLENDOR X also features a unique large laser spot that facilitates treatment and provides a more uniform outcome. The treatment spot size is the largest in the industry and makes the treatment much faster. Worrying about missed spots is yesterday’s concern.

Comprehensive Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is suitable for both men and women and the SPLENDOR X can target any area of the body, including face, bikini, legs, arms, stomach and underarms. Popular areas of treatment for men include the back, chest and shoulders.

  • Ideal for all skin types, even tanned skin
  • Sessions are faster and fewer
  • Long lasting results – Permanent hair reduction is defined as the long-term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing when measured at 6, 9, and 12 months after completion of the treatment.

Get Better Results

Lasers are effective when hair is at an early growth stage. Because your hair is not all in the same life-cycle stage at the same time, you will need multiple treatments to remove the unwanted hair. Typically, 10-20% of your hair is destroyed with each treatment. For best results, a minimum of 6 treatments is usually recommended.

Post Treatment

How the area will look right after treatment varies from person to person. You may notice some redness and swelling around the hair follicles immediately afterwards or only some redness in the treatment area. In the following weeks you will notice less hair growth as you progress through the course of your treatments.

Procedure Comfort

To make the treatment more comfortable and to protect your skin, the SPLENDOR X provides Dual Cooling Systems, including ultra-cold airflow to the treatment area, along with contact cooling from the Cryo-Touch hand-piece. Because of SPLENDOR X’s immense power and speed, large areas can be completed in half the time of any system on the market. Additionally, there is a built-in smoke evacuator so that you are not exposed to the by-products contained in the smoke plume from burned hair

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SPLENDOR X treatments are generally suitable for everyone; however, laser hair removal may not be right for you and does carry some risks. SPLENDOR X isn’t suitable if you have an active infection or inflammation, active cold sore, or open wound or abrasion in the area you want to treat. Risks may include changes to skin pigmentation, darker skin –hyper pigmentation, and/or lighter skin – hypo pigmentation, as well as, changes in skin texture. Unfortunately, white, blond and red hair will not respond to any laser device. Schedule your free consultation with our Laser Specialist to find out how you can join Loudoun Laser and Medical Spa today!

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